SAFETY IS A PRIORITY. Riding all motor powered vehicles is very dangerous and riders must understand the risk prior to purchasing or using such a product.


1. All Models:


  • Please wear appropriate safety gear including helmet, goggles, protective clothing and footwear.
  • Consult user manuals and general manufacture information prior to use.
  • DO NOT drink and drive/ride.
  • Please ride safely and respect the surrounding environment.
  • Never attempt to ride beyond your ability.
  • Training and previous riding experience should be considered prior to purchasing a vehicle.
  • Ensure all equipment is checked prior to purchasing a vehicle.
  • Beginners should allow extra time for manoeuvring, cornering and braking.
  • Please consider the intended age group of the user prior to use of vehicle.


2. On Road Vehicles:


  • Driving with other on road vehicles can be extremely dangerous.
  • Never drive a vehicle if you feel uncomfortable or unsafe.
  • Extra care is necessary to ensure the equipment on the vehicle is working properly.
  • Obey relevant federal and state road rules and laws.


3. Off Road Vehicles:


  • Never ride on paved surface or public roads.
  • Never carry passengers unless the vehicle is designed to.
  • Ensure you travel at a safe speed given the environment you are in.
  • Never engage in stunt riding.
  • Parental guidance is necessary for minors.
  • All Terrain Vehicles can be extremely dangerous and it is highly recommended that users undertake an appropriate training course prior to use.


4. Riding Gear and Accessories:


  • Beware of any potential choking or safety hazards with infants.
  • Products should only be used for their intended purpose.
  • Ensure products are a appropriate size to purchase or use.


5. Parts:


  • We CANNOT guarantee the parts supplied are suitable for your vehicle.
  • Ensure the parts are fitted by a qualified motorcycles mechanic.
  • Should you have ANY concerns about the safety of a vehicle, part or product please contact Mojo Motorcycles prior to any use on (03) 9918 8000. Additional contact information is also available on the Contact section of this website.