Terms & Conditions

It is highly recommended that the customer read and follow instructions that accompany your product and wear the proper safety gear when operating any motorcycles, quad bike, off road vehicle or bicycle. Mojo Motorcycles Australia makes no claim to the safety of any products it sells. Any product can be dangerous when used improperly or in dangerous conditions, even when safety gear is properly worn. Please refer to the safety warning section of this website for additional information.


Limited Warranty


Every product is thoroughly inspected and tested before leaving the factory. In addition to any warranties or conditions implied by applicable Statute or Regulation, Mojo Motorcycles warrants all of its products against defective workmanship and faulty materials for 90 days from the date of purchase. It undertakes, at its option, to provide necessary replacement parts free of charge.


This is subject to the following conditions:


  • The appropriate warranty procedure is followed dependent on your product;
  • The product or relevant part has not been subjected to misuse, neglect, or been involved in an accident.
  • The repairs are not required as a result of normal wear and tear. (i.e. warranty does not cover normal consumables: leavers, brake pads, tyres, bearings and the like).
  • A vehicle that has not been operated in a reasonable or prudent manner.
  • The owner does not carry out owner obligations.
  • The vehicle is used within terms outlined in our safety warning and the user manual (if provided).
  • Mojo Motorcycles cannot be held responsible for any repair other than those carried out by it or one of itself or one of its authorised dealers.


Unless otherwise specified to the consumer the benefits conferred by this express warranty are additional to all other conditions, warranties, guarantees, rights and remedies expressed or implied by the Trade Practices Act 1974 and similar consumer protection provisions contained in legislation of the states and Territories and all other obligations and liabilities on the part of the manufacture or supplier and nothing contained herein shall restrict or modify such rights, remedies, obligations or liabilities.